Interior Design: Seven Tips Professionals Don’t Want you To Know

Interior Design: Seven Tips Professionals Don’t Want you To Know

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Interior design is always changing. From the old days of Changing Rooms to the new school Grand Design, a lot has changed in the last ten years. So, along with the new school interior designers there is a whole host of new rules to get to grips with. Don’t worry; you don’t have to apply for Grand Designs or The Great Interior Design Challenge. Just follow these seven simple rules, and keep it quiet – the pros will have a fit!

  1.       Get Personal

Your home is yours and only yours, so it should represent your tastes and your likes. In the past, a lot of people decorated with sedate styles because they were looking to sell up for a quick profit, but not anymore. More and more people are looking to stay in their homes longer, and this gives you more license to make your house your own.

  1.       Lamps Over Lights

What professional interior designers do well is the lighting. They seem to make complex lighting systems that make your house more appealing. To replicate it, use lamps that give off a more relaxed, softer feel and great visual effects as a result.

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  1.       Remember The Small Print

The Devil is in the detail. When you are decorating your home, you will have the tendency to think big, for obvious reasons. But, don’t forget about the small details because they elevate a house to another level. Try and fit the little things with the design of the house. For example, door knobs and light switches.

  1.        Old And New

Don’t just go one way or another; mix them up for the best effect. When you combine old and new, the contradiction gives off a unique feel that is hard to create. For example, if you fit a modern bathroom with 360 views buy some retro towel racks or mirrors.

  1.       Size Matters

It seems like the ‘in’ thing is to buy oversized furniture nowadays. How many bedrooms do you see with king-sized beds that could fit an army in them? But, if you have small rooms don’t buy big furniture as it makes everything look cramped and overcrowded. There is a big difference between that and cosy.

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  1.       Neutral

Although you do want to make your house your own (see 1), you also don’t want to get it all wrong. One way to err on the safe side is to buy neutral coloured furniture that you can decorate. If your sofa turns up bright pink and you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do. But, if you buy a blank canvas so to speak, you can add and take away from it what you like.

  1.       Pair Up

It’s so simple, but most people don’t even think about pairing items even though it gives off a look that interior designers would be proud off. It looks like you have taken great care to pick out and style the room. Try lamps either side of the couch or vases on a dinner table if it is big enough.

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