Summer Shandy Lemon Bars

Summer Shandy Lemon Bars


First up, the crust. Today, I made a simple shortbread type crust. It’s rich, buttery, and perfectly sweet. I’m usually not a crust person, but this crust – yummo.

Then there’s the filling. This filling is light, lemony, and the Summer Shandy comes through beautifully. It’s really subtle, so don’t be nervous…do it!

After I baked these Summer Shandy Lemon Bars, I let them cool on the counter and then placed them in the fridge overnight. This helps the filling set. Even after these chill overnight, the filling was still amazingly gooey…in like the best way possible.

These lemon bars aren’t a “firm” as some other lemon bars, but more of a cross between lemon bars and a gooey lemon pie.

So good.

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