Addictive Shrimp Taco Dip

Addictive Shrimp Taco Dip


Do you have any memories of places or events where one thing stands out, but you can’t remember any other details. This happens to me a lot. I’ll remember being at a party with a trampoline or at a summer camp doing a particular art project, but I can’t remember where on Earth I was or who else was there. It’s just a little memory fragment that somehow made an impression. One of those was being at a party somewhere, and a dip was served that I couldn’t stop eating. I was immediately addicted to the stuff! I asked for the recipe and was told it was cottage cheese, Ranch seasoning mix, and canned shrimp. I was kind of shocked that I could like it so much once I knew what was in it.


Four ingredients and five minutes is all you need for this tasty dip! Click here for the recipe.

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