Glazed Mocha Donut Holes

Glazed Mocha Donut Holes!


This is kind of a re-boot of my Chocolate & Guinness Glazed Donut Holes that I made for St Patrick’s day, except that the Guinness is replaced with coffee.  Is that cheating?

I also increased the sugar and the vanilla, and made the glaze a touch thicker so it runs down the sides of the ‘donut holes’ {or mini muffins} just right.  So maybe that’s enough changes to not count too much as self-plagiarism.

Here’s the deal with these guys:  Half whole wheat flour.  Greek yogurt for extra moisture.  No mixer.  20 minutes prep time, 10 minute bake time.  I was easily able to complete these guys during one of Kai’s legendary short naps.  So easy!

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