Corn & Black Bean Falafel

Corn & Black Bean Baked Falafels


These falafels are a tasty, healthy, protein-packed snack.  The lime and black beans bring a fun southwestern sort of flavor to these guys while the corn brings a sweet burst to the mix.  Cayenne brings a real slight spice.  Feel free to up the cayenne if you want spicy falafels!

The best part: there is no oil in this recipe! That means no scary pot of hot oil, no splattering, and {in my case}, no risk of burning your house down!

These guys are best served straight from the oven, with a big old dollop of Greek yogurt on top.

The falafel mix comes together in 10 or so minutes, and they bake for 20 minutes, which makes this a super fast and super easy recipe to whip up.

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