Three Things Pastors Don’t Tell You

Three Things Pastors Don’t Tell You

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So today my colleague and I are going to plan out sermons for the next year – over lunch.  Sounds ridiculous, perhaps, but we are not going into it with a blank slate.  We listen to people, leaders, and unbelievers for their questions and problems and confusion over Biblical truths.  We cross-pollenate ideas from our leadership teams.  We preach a sermon, hear six people ask, ‘But what about…?’ afterwards and make a note to explore that further at some point for everyone’s benefit.  We have topics and questions that didn’t make it from the editing process to the pulpit in previous series, messages, and years.  And we love God and people and want to find the intersection of their challenges and his solutions.

So what don’t we tell you?

1. One of the first things we think is, ‘What are they thinking?’

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