25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage

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25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage

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SERIES NOTE:  Since one of the most read posts I’ve published was about how Theresa and I stayed married for 25 years so far, here’s a series of 25 lessons I’ve learned in that 25 years!  I’ll be posting twice weekly – Mondays and Wednesdays – with this series.  And Fridays will be something fun/different.

1. Flowers ‘just because’ are better than for a special occasion

Now…  Bring ’em on the special occasions, sure. But the ‘just because’ moments when you bring a gift or write a note or make a call to bless and encourage your spouse stands out powerfully.

I am semi-regular to bring home flowers to my wife.  It’s occasional plus I pick some up for her birthday typically and some other holidays.  I vary what type they are.  I bring fresh cut so they can be arranged and put out on the counter or table.  And whatever you think about a man and flowers brought to his wife, it conclusively proves you were thinking of her for at least a few minutes earlier in the day!  (tip: if you ONLY bring flowers when there is conflict, they become the ‘flag of conflict’ – so it’s cool to pick them up and deliver them with an apology, BUT… pick some up ‘just because’ within the next couple of weeks too!)

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