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explore minnesota stars

explore minnesota stars

Its summertime. If you aren’t from the midwest, you probably don’t know of the great weekend migration from the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area to the great Northern wilderness of Minnesota. It’s a time when we all leave our weekday jobs and escape to enjoy God’s creation and get a little R&R. It’s time to go explore Minnesota.

I had the privilege of joining this migration last weekend and was blessed by some awesome weather. We had a great time with the family. The kids fished and swam right in front of the the cabin. Here’s my favorite video of the kids fishing:

Saturday night was one of those crystal clear evenings that I just could’t pass up. Usually, to get a clear sky like this you need to be there in the middle of winter. But we took advantage of this opportunity and I stayed up until about 1AM to watch the stars. I grabbed some bug spray and some long sleeves and laid out on the beach. From shooting stars, to orbiting satellites, the stars were incredible.

At 1AM, the milky way was rising behind Creekside cabin at Elbow Lake Lodge. I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to take the picture at the beginning of this article. I also took a panorama of the night sky in front of Creekside.

stars at elbow lake lodge

The stars are one of the many reasons to go out and explore Minnesota. Our favorite place is Elbow Lake in Cook, Minnesota. We have two cabins we like to stay at. We rent them out through VRBO (Creekside, and Ashbach cabin). Make sure that if you are going to Elbow Lake to contact us to reserve your vacation home.

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