Cookie Decorating Party For Kids Of All Ages

It is your kid`s birthday soon and you want him or her to have a special party, the one he or she will remember as the best one ever. If you organized parties in the past, then you know it is important to find the right place, large enough for friends and family, with creative activities for the kids. Children of all ages love to spend time with friends , play games and of course, eat cakes. What if you can have a party where your kid`s guests take part in designing their own cookies that they afterwards can eat or even take home? That would engage little hands and teach them about friendship, about sharing and creativity. It  is a  way to try new flavours and smells and the party can be an exciting activity for Christmas, Easter or any other holiday or celebration. All you have to do is prepare the cookies and think of decorations. Kids will do the rest.



Cookie decorating parties are attractive for children of all ages, but probably you should not throw a party like this for toddlers as they are still too young to follow instructions and because they tend to put things in their mouths, with so many kids at one place it would be difficult to control them. The best age to start with is when your kids are five or six.


First of all, you need the best possible space you can rent, with tables, chairs and covers for the floor. This is easy with plastic used when painting walls. Make sure you have enough decorating bags, one for each guest, plastic knives, bowls and paper plates. Keep in mind that not all kids like decorating and some might get bored so it is wise to bring toys for them to play with or the best trampoline you can find. That way kids can have a variety of activities at the party. The most important is to find baked cookies in various shapes and sizes, ask friends to bring some  or bake them at home. Next, prepare toppings , plenty of them. Kids love gumdrops, marshmallows, dried fruit, creams and colourful sprinkles. You also need.


>Icing mixed with food colours, pink, red, white , all colours work great . The icing is spread on the cookies by using special pastry bags that should be well tied and given to each child.

>Ties made of sturdy material so they  keep the bag closed when filled

>Plastic cups to place the bags

>Plenty of paper towels to clean hands and tables

>A separate table or shelf where the cookies are taken to dry


Although you might find this kind of a party to be too messy , there are so many positive features to it that your kid will ask for a new one. What all the people involved get is actually invisible and stays in the hearts. The whole activity is funny in the first place, kids have the freedom to paint, create, and mix colours. They also develop mutual support and learn how to work in a group or team. And finally, if you  organize a contest for the best decorated cookie, the whole event may turn into an exciting adventure kids will enjoy more than you can imagine.

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