Grilled Caramel Bacon Smores

I never even thought about putting bacon and smores together, but that is exactly what happened with this grilled caramel bacon smores recipe.

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Grilled Caramel Bacon Smores…no campfire required!

bacon smores

It’s that time of year again…S’mores season!  Don’t you think S’mores are to summer what pumpkin is to fall?  Or the ground-hog is to spring?  Wait, what?

Hear me out: when you start to see s’mores recipes popping up, you know it’s almost summer.  And even though we’re thisclose to June 21, can we please call it summer already?  Because the s’mores recipes are rampant, and I have another one for you!

But not just any s’more recipe…a campfire-free s’more recipe.  Because sometimes, you don’t want to drive all the way out into the mountains and build a campfire just to get your s’mores fix…with this recipe, any day can be a s’mores day!

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