Wren House for House Wrens

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Hmmm, June 8th and it looks like someone’s moved into the pottery bird feeder

This handmade pottery bird feeder was made by my mom decades ago.  She is now watching the birds from heaven but her pottery functions on and this year became the home for a nest of house wrens.

One day while weeding the garden I saw the brown wren repeatedly entering the feeder and decided to take a look and was surprised to see 7 little jellybean sized spotted eggs on June 9th. Yay, new babies to watch!

June 9th – 10 and I see 7 eggs

June 13th and there are fuzzy little heads with closed eyes

June 14th and the wings are starting to develop and mouths are open and wanting food



Here is a video of the babies. Mom’s foraging some food for the newly hatched babies and is chirping madly at me at the end. Sorry Mom!

June 14th video of 3 day old babies.

It’s June 17th and you can really see the feathers developing. Can this really be less than a week  since they hatched?

June 18th and wing feathers are growing out

June 20th and the little ones are sitting more upright and with their wings at their sides.  That’s a lot of growing in only 9 days, and that’s a lot of insects and spiders, beetles, caterpillars, earwigs, and daddy longlegs, not to mention flies, leafhoppers, and springtails for mom and dad to capture and deliver to the nest.

Now for some shots of the hardworking parents.









Good job mom and dad.  We’ll check back in 5 to 7 days when your brood is ready to fly from the nest.



Until then here are a couple of links to check out about the house wren.

Audubon link

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Link

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