Custom Rugs: See What You Need to Consider While Getting One for yourself

Custom Rugs: See What You Need to Consider While Getting One for yourself

Rugs have been one of the best decorating elements for designing a house. They simply add up to the beauty and royalty of the house’s furniture. Even house owners love to have them. But not all of them, because finding a perfect Rug with desired features is a very challenging task. And that is the main reason why many people deprive from owning a Rug. But as time went by, innovative human minds came up with a new technique called ‘customization of rugs’. Since then people got the opportunity to select the rugs with desired features and as a result buying rugs became simpler. But, even while choosing features one has to be aware of few factors which will largely affect the Rug and the beauty of surrounding area.

Size of the Rug

Size is the most basic and chief factor while choosing a Rug. But while customizing Rug the choice is completely in the buyer’s hand. So, how to choose a perfect size? Here are tips for you.

  1. Look at the places in your house where you think Rug will fit in well.
  2. Measure that area accurately. Making use of tape is highly suggested. But, if you find it difficult to do it by yourself, don’t hesitate to call someone for help.
  3. Once the length & breadth (or radius in case you want a circle shaped rug) is fixed, write it somewhere safely to avoid confusions in future.
  4. Also, note it to the customizer if you need trimmed ends of the Rugs or not. And don’t forget to make changes in size accordingly.
  5. In case of uncommon shapes (like birds, fruits and flowers) call the expert customizer at your place to take the measurements.


While you decide the area where you need a Rug placed, also think of shapes which will suit the area. In addition, consider the theme of the furniture used as well. Because, if you are using a formal and classic theme of furniture, a rug with modern shapes and designs will certainly not compliment it. These days, you even have option to select informal shapes like that of animals, birds and other natural elements.

Color of your Rug

Little time back, when a person used to get desired shape and size, the only thing which he missed was color. But now buyer has an option to customize color too. So, here are tips

  • Choose a color which matches the color scheme of the house (example, light or dark).
  • Consider the colors of wall and try to match with it.
  • If the color is for example, not so red and not so orange but a blend of both, in such scenarios get a color guide from customizer and note the code perfectly.
  • Ask your customizer to get you colors which don’t fade away by time, this will help you in easy carpet cleaning. To know more about professional carpet cleaning services visit bomar chem.-dry.

Pattern & Design

Again, take a close look at the design of the interior and then choose the design and pattern of your Rug. Make sure, you match design with design for example, if you have contemporary styled furniture then choose a suitable contemporary Rug. If you find it difficult, leave this job for your interior designer and make some changes after he finalizes the basics.


This selection is based on the fabric you find easy to go with. Consider yours and your family’s allergy issue as well. Whether you need silk or Wool now that’s up to you. Furthermore, even wool and silk both have another 10-15 sub categories. At the end, take care of your budget while choosing a fabric. Why? Rare fabric of wool or silk can be really hefty.

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