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As the night went on, we had even more of a show. This was about midnight. This green river of light gradually flowed right over us. You can see the greens and the purples in these pictures. What was most amazing, was how the light would pulse and


IMG_1714web IMG_1722web IMG_1724web IMG_1735web
Then, an hour later, this bright ball of light appeared on the far side of the lake. It was a stream of northern lights strait out from us. It was magnificent. You could see the green very clearly and the naked eye could even pick out the purples above and the reds below. It moved like a snake toward me for about half an hour pulsing and turning colors the whole time. I even had a little bit of a strobe effect, which unfortunately, could not be picked up with the camera. IMG_1746web IMG_1749web IMG_1750web IMG_1754web
As this stream of light got closer, it gradually dissipated and the sky started to gain more light again.

IMG_1754web IMG_1771web

Finally, I started to take some pictures with the cabin. IMG_1772web IMG_1773web IMG_1811web

Finally, I took a panorama of the lights with the camera.


If you want to come up and try to see these for yourself, check out Creekside cabin here and The End of The Road cabin here.

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