4-Ingredient Coconut-Nutella Fudgsicles

4-Ingredient Coconut-Nutella Fudgsicles


So here we go, Coconut & Nutella Fudgsicles 2.0:

There’s Nutella.  There’s coconut milk.  There’s a bit of sugar to sweeten.  They are frozen, then rolled in toasted coconut.  Voila!  So simple and so easy!

And so creamy and fudgy and delicious.  I mean, I wasn’t sure I should post such a simple recipe, because it was just so simple…but I wouldn’t be posting these if they weren’t completely amazing.

The Nutella and coconut go perfectly together.  You get a hint of the coconut milk before you add the toasted coconut…but I recommend going the extra step and rolling them in toasted coconut.  You get a good, strong coconut flavor, and the crunch is really nice with the smooth creamy fudgsicle.

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