The Fix EVERYTHING Oatmeal & Green Tea Mask {Only 2 Ingredients!}

The Fix EVERYTHING Oatmeal & Green Tea Mask {Only 2 Ingredients!}


Get your skin baby soft and pores clear with this quick, homemade recipe with just two all-natural ingredients!

Oatmeal: this lovely breakfast food is a cure-all when it comes to your skin. It has built-in pore clearing properties, while also deeply moisturizing the gunk within your pores. Once the gunk is loosened by this process, the dried oats act as an exfoliant to slough it all away. Oatmeal has also been known to help with acne and dry skin. Not to mention that this ingredient is ultra cheap, available everywhere, and completely natural so it won’t irritate your skin.

Green Tea: I sought out green tea for its redness reducing qualities but it certainly delivers so much more than that. Green tea is said to fight aging, has anti-inflammatory properties, and tones skin. And since the mixture goes on warm, the tea opens up and loosens your pores so they duo can go right to work.

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