Must-have Tools and Gadgets for Any Baker

Must-have Tools and Gadgets for Any Baker

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If you love baking, you’re probably one of two types of baker. Either you like to stick to basics or you want to have every available gadget and tool to help you. But even if you like to keep things simple, there are more modern ways you can do traditional tasks. For example, you can use silicone baking molds instead of metal tins. Anyone who loves to bake should have some essential tools that they can use for just about anything and everything. Whether you’re a long-time baker or you’re just getting started, try some of these useful gadgets and tools to make everything easier.

A Stand Mixer

Food mixers are essential for anyone who loves to bake. You can get a hand-held mixer, which is great for mixing batters or whisking. But if you want something more versatile, get a stand mixer with some different attachments. If you buy something like a KitchenAid, you can do all kinds of things with it. Many comes with balloon whisks, bread hooks and other attachments for different tasks. Some even have food processors you can use with them too. For lighter tasks, it can also be handy to have a hand mixer.

Everything Silicone

It’s a good idea to have metal baking tins and sheets, but if you’re a modern baker, you should get enthusiastic about silicone. You can find all kinds of baking tools made from silicone, from cake molds to spatulas. It’s easy to clean, and it withstands extreme temperatures, so you can put it in the freezer or oven. You can even use items like the Cuisina Chef silicone baking mat to replace kitchen items like baking parchment. So you can have a reusable baking surface, instead of making your way through rolls of paper.

Marble Pastry Board

Some types of baking can be challenging in a warm kitchen. In particular, rolling out pastry is very hard without handling it too much. If you want your pastry to stay in one piece, you need to work on a cold surface. A marble pastry board gives you somewhere to roll your pastry without it falling apart. As a bonus, you could also use it to temper chocolate as well, using the cold surface to cool your melted chocolate quickly.

Cake Decorating Kit

Some bakers can patiently decorate cakes and cookies, so they all look perfect and uniform. But not everyone who loves to bake has such talent and precision. If you want to create beautiful bakes but you’re hopeless at frosting and decorating, you need a kit to help you out. All the right tools, from a palette knife to frosting icing pens will help you decorate neatly and pristinely, without making a huge mess. Unfortunately, it can’t make you creative if you aren’t already.

There are lots of other kitchen gadgets you might find useful, but the most simple ones tend to be the best. A decent set of measuring spoons and a quality rolling pin can beat out any fancy modern gadget on most days.

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