Five Summer Décor Accessories That Transform Any Room

Five Summer Décor Accessories That Transform Any Room

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With the summer already here it is a great time to spruce up the house. Not only do you want all the guests who frequent the barbeques and get together at your home during summer to be impressed, you also want your home at its best for the most beautiful time of year. Obviously, there are a lot of ways to do it what with all the choice available. But, none are as creative or as cost effective as these summer decor hacks.

Reflective Mirrors

A lot of homes are filled with mirrors for a good reason. The main one is that mirrors make any space look bigger than it is. It is down to the reflection that they give off, which also makes rooms look a lot lighter. That makes them essential in the summer. The bigger and lighter your house is during the summer months, the better it will look. Before you make a choice, however, think about the size and the style.

A Little Art

A little art goes a long way to livening up your home. During the autumn and winter months, dark, cosy colours are perfect for the time of year. However, during spring and summer it is all about bold choices that reflect the season outside. Art posters for sale and canvasses on the wall are the perfect way to get creative and give off that lovely summer feel.

One thing to remember about art is that it is personal, so you should love whatever you choose.  Obviously it is better if it also fits the style and tone of your home, but what makes you feel happy is the most important thing.

Throw Pillows

Accessories like throw pillows work for all occasions, especially during the summer. They are incredibly flexible and that is what you need when the sun is out. That means you can put them together with anything and they will work nearly every time. All you need to be careful of is the colour within the pillow itself. But, if you get that right, you can go crazy!

A Nice Lamp And Shade

I mentioned before about how important the right lighting is when summer comes around. You don’t want a dark, dull space that reflects November or December time when it is forty degrees Celsius outside. Let the light in and use artificial lights to make your house look more appealing. It makes your home seem more open and contemporary as the light increases space and the light fixtures complement the style and tone.


Your floor is bound to get dirty during the summer. Everyone traipses in and out of the house without a second thought of how dirty the floors are getting. Area rugs protect the floors during the busiest time of the year and they also look great, which is a big advantage!

You don’t have to make huge changes to transform your home during the summer. All you have to do is think creatively and you can create the perfect summer home with simple décor.


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