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Gilmour has helped me take my garden to my table. Check out Gilmour on Facebook

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Today I am going to share with you how the Gilmour gardening products are helping me take my backyard to my table. I have been using the Gilmour sprinklers, Flexogen Hose and sprayers to keep my garden healthy.

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This year is a little different than other years. My family is doing a straw bale garden and you can follow the progress on our series Straw Bale Gardening. Thanks to the great products that Gilmour gave me, the garden is producing tons of food already and frankly, I don’t know if we will be able to eat it all. I am thrilled with how easy this garden has been to take care of. The straw bales have kept down weeds and made an ideal bed for many of the plants, and the Gilmour Flexogen hose and sprayers, have made the little watering and maintenance required a pleasure.

About Gilmour

Let me share a little about the Gilmour brand. Gilmour meets the needs of the most demanding gardeners. They have over 100 years of lawn and garden service. Their heritage is rooted quality, innovation and value. I have been using their equipment all summer and I will be sticking with them in the future. I am very happy with the products I received.

The Gilmour Flexogen hose is the longest-lasting and most durable hose in its class. It is the only 8-layer hose in the market. Flexogen’s patented construction offers an unbeatable combination of durability and flexibility. It beats the competition on all main strength indicators, and operates in a very wide temperature range as well.

IMG_6700webOne pet peeve of mine is when somebody leaves a hose out and it gets run over by a car. The Flexogen hose is made with crush-resistant brass couplings as opposed to weaker stamped-brass fittings. The high quality and toughness of the Flexogen hose is an important part of my purchasing decision and should be your’s as well. 

Back to the Garden


Today, is the first harvest of our straw bale garden. I walk you though the awesome garden that my Gilmour products have helped to grow. Take a look for yourself and you can see how Gilmour helps me take my back yard to my table.

The text of the video is below:

Hi, this is Chris from We are harvesting the straw bale garden for the first time. We have a number of plants that are just absolutely gorgeous. Look how nice these tomatoes are. We have cabbage, we have broccoli, watermelon, brussels sprouts, zucchini, peppers, lettuce, a lot of stuff that is really about ready. We are going to start with some broccoli. You see the broccoli here has these little florets they have this nice tight little thing. I could let this head get a little higher. You can just see this new growth right in there. But, we are going to cut if off because this is just a good size to eat. I am just going to take a knife and we are just going to cut it off right here. and this will not kill the plant it will grow little florets in between the leaves here You can see some of them already starting at the bottom. So we will let the second round get it and we should be able to do this to plants twice a year. We should get two crops of broccoli. I am going to pick this one too because its ready. Ok, we also have some zucchini that are ready. There’s two things you an eat on the zucchini that I really love. First, you’ve got actual zucchini itself. We have a couple that are just barely ready to eat. They are a little young yet but we are going to take them because we have a whole bunch. Here’s one. Another one here. Be really careful to only cut this, and not the rest of the plant. And one of my favorite things to do when you are bringing things from your garden to your table … see this flower? You can actually take some of these flowers you don’t need them all. These are excellent fried in butter. So, what you do is take these and you put a little butter in a pan fry them up. They are absolutely spectacular. We are also going to take some of our lettuces. We’ve got several kinds we planted and they are ready to harvest. So, today we are going to have a red tipped salad for lunch so I’m going to take my knife and harvest some of that for you. And I’m going to take some of this. I  think this was butter crunch. So this is what we got out of our first harvest. It’s barely six weeks into the season and it is already a bunch of different things that we are getting but what is even more exciting is the stuff that is about to be ready to harvest. Let me give you a sample. We have tomatoes … tons of green tomatoes all over the place. Look at these. These are going to be really nice in a little bit of time. They are all over, just full on this trellis. I’ve already gotten some squash growing. These are acorn, or um spaghetti squash. And I’ve got just dozens and dozens of them. We’ve got pumpkins that are already starting to grow over here. Of course our lettuce is looking great. That is just a crop we can cycle through the garden over and over. We have several different types of peppers that already have peppers. These are a um hungarian wax pepper. They are just not quite ready. In the next week or so they will be. And of course our herbs. We have been pulling those from the garden for weeks. And we’ve got some cucumbers over here that are near ready. You can see we are already growing the green cucumbers. Look at this: Doesn’t that look look like a tiny pickle? Theres a big one. Oh yeah, look at that. We could eat that one. Here, let’s take that one off.

Check out these pictures from the garden. Thanks Gilmour!!!!

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