Cherry-Peach Turnovers with a Sweet Bourbon Glaze

Cherry-Peach Turnovers with a Sweet Bourbon Glaze


I used peaches and cherries in these turnovers…you can use fresh or frozen, but let’s face it: fresh is best, especially when both peaches and cherries are at their peaks!  And really, you can use any type of fruit, but I went for my two {current} favorites.

The fruit is cooked until soft with a bit of melted butter and brown sugar.  A touch of cornstarch thickens things up, and then some vanilla is stirred in for extra flavor.  Try not to consume the fruit filling before the puff pastry comes into play, because fruit is exponentially better when sandwiched between layers of buttery, flaky pastry, right?

Confession:  I have a bit of a frozen-pastry-phobia, ever since The Great Pastry Incident of 2009.  Let’s just say: improperly thawed pastry= total mess and total freak-out by Denise while scrambling for a new potluck dish.

So learn from my mistake: thaw your puff pastry overnight in the fridge so it is ready to go when you need it.

It is actually so incredibly easy to use once properly thawed: simply roll it out on a floured surface, cut into squares and you are ready to build your turnovers!

Get the recipe here!

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