Trimming Tomato Plants

trimming a tomato plant
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Today we are trimming tomato plants in the straw bale garden. You are reading a post in our series on straw bale gardening. We are following Joel Karsten’s book Straw Bale Gardening. We are trying our very first straw bale garden and letting you know how it goes.

Tomatoes are a wonderful plant. It’s no wonder they are a favorite among gardeners. I don’t personally like raw tomatoes, but I like a mean bloody mary! Plus, it is easy to can tomatoes and make your own catchup or pizza sauce. If you are making a pizza sauce, by the way, check out Spicee Gourmet’s seasonings. They rock.

trimming a tomato plant

In our garden, we built trellises for the tomatoes to grow up. I will want to clip off shoots that can’t be trained onto the trellis. I would rather have growth along my trellis than off of it. This will help keep the entire plant in full sun.

The video below shows me clipping a few “branches” of the tomato plant so it will grow up the trellis and not into the middle of the garden.

Tomato plants will grow like crazy. One of the things you want to do um, were growing them up this trellis right now and training them, but you’ll notice that down here on this particular plant, we’ve got a couple of these shoots that are growing out in the middle. We are going to clip those off and let this thing grow up here. It is going to be healthier for the plant. Um, and it is going to produce more fruit in the long run. So, we are just going to take it. We are going to snip it off . and we are going to have plenty of room for this thing to grow and produce plenty of fruit for us.

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