Creamy Coconut and Limoncello Popsicles

Creamy Coconut and Limoncello Popsicles.  Only 4 ingredients!

Creamy Coconut Limoncello Popsicles-2

Apparently there’s a bunch of food bloggers participating in something called popsicle week.  Well my invitation must have been lost in the mail, but guess what?  I’m cool too, because I accidentally made my one and only batch of popsicles this year during popsicle week.  #win #toocoolforschool

OK.  So my popsicles.  Creamy coconut milk, fresh lemon juice, and a bunch of limoncello.  And a bit of sugar.  That’s right, there are only 4 ingredients in these babies!  And they only take 5 minutes to whip up.  #awesome

Also, there’s booze in these guys.  Because I figure that adults need some popsicles, too.  And I only have a little while until Kai figures out that mommy has a secret stash of popsicles and I have to stop putting alcohol in them, so I’m living it up for now! #woohoo!


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