Fresh Blueberry Hand Pies

Fresh Blueberry Hand Pies

These fresh blueberry hand pies are so easy to make and you can eat them on the go! They’re bound to become a new family favorite!


It’s July. Hooray for the Red, White and BlueBERRIES! Is there anything better than fresh blueberries? I love handfuls on my morning yogurt, cereal and in smoothies.  There’s never a better time to enjoy a fresh fruit pie than in the summer months. My hubby’s favorite pie- anytime of the year is my Bountiful Blueberry Pie. I wanted to surprise him last week, so I made these cute little Fresh Blueberry Hand Pies.

Who doesn’t love a hand pie? All you have to do is say “hand pie” to get someone’s attention. Try it. I guarantee people will stop what they are doing and listen ou know that old saying – The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Absolutely true.

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