Herb Turkey Egg Wrap (low carb, Paleo)

Herb Turkey Egg Wrap (low carb, Paleo)


I have a confession. I love McDonald’s breakfast food….especially their breakfast wraps and sausage egg mcmuffins. And while I rarely eat them, I’m embarrassed to say that I really love them. They could almost make me a regular breakfast eater.  Now that I’m having such a busy summer I thought I better start eating breakfast (not McDonalds) and of course keep it rather low carb or Paleo. I made my Omelette in a Jar recipe which was great and now I’ve come up with an egg sandwich wrap that I love. The nice thing about these egg wraps is that they are so easy to make and you could fill them with anything. I imagine that with a few alterations you could even make them sweet rather than savory. Hmmm…wheels are turning on that idea……

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