Bridal Jewelry That Works

Bridal Jewelry That Works


If there is something amiss in the bridal ensemble, it must be the jewelry. The search for the perfect bling can sometimes be taken aside for more important matters regarding the wedding. Here is a guide for brides who are still on the lookout for that sparkly bridal gem.

  1. Match it with the dress

If the dress is traditionally white, some pearls and platinum would match it well. Stay away from wearing gold jewelry as it can clash with the white wedding dress.

If you are wearing an off-white wedding dress, it would also look great with rose-gold, pearl, gold and silver.

If the dress is cream-colored, then by all means, use gold jewelry to accentuate the color.

  1. Adorn the neckline

If your dress has a v-neckline, pair it with a chocker or some wide necklaces.

Sweetheart necklines are great when left alone, so pair it with some chandelier earrings instead or a really nice headpiece, to bring out the beauty of the neckline.

Another great way to accessorize the neckline is using a traditional long nnecklace with a pendant. This giives the wedding dress an extra appeal and edge to it.

  1. Do not overdo your jewelry

Always remember that less is more. It is best that you keep things to a minimum when it comes to accessorizing, otherwise you would look like a disco ball, flashing lights on everyone.

  1. Jewelry of your own taste and style

It might be fun to go jewelry shopping with friends and family, but they can sometimes influence the decisions you make. So, when choosing jewelry, always stick to what your heart and mind dictates, and not what others tell you. The jewelry that you choose should be a reflection of yourself and your personality.

  1. Better safe than sorry

If you find it hard to look for the right jewelry, opt for a more classic style like diamond drop earring or pearls. You will never go wrong with them. They are guaranteed to make any bride look great.

These tips will hopefully guide you on your search for some beautiful wedding jewelry and you will be one of the most beautiful brides out there, for sure.

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