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Vintage Botanical Prints_Powder Room
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do something traditional, like a framed photograph or something a little different, like a grouping of wicker baskets on the wall. I had a hard time deciding what would look good against the wallpaper without looking too busy. I also hesitated hanging anything before I was absolutely certain because I didn’t want unnecessary nail holes in the wallpaper if I changed my mind later on.
So that’s why the powder room sat with a blank wall for so many months. Every time I walked past it I knew it was missing something, but I just couldn’t decide what I should put on that wall. And then last week it donned on me – vintage botanical prints.
Botanical Prints_Powder Room_4
I’ve been so drawn to these vintage prints recently and our powder room was the perfect place for them. They fit perfectly with the farmhouse style of our home. So I decided to make my own prints and I’m sharing them with you today as a set of free printables.
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