Watermelon Margranitas

Watermelon Margranitas

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I have had ‘watermelon margranitas’ on my list for a looong time.  Watermelon granitas + tequila and lime.  Mar-granitas (I wish I could take credit for the cool name, but Food Network beat me to it!)

Honestly I didn’t make them sooner because…they just look so fussy.  I thought the whole freezing/scraping part was going to be such a headache, but it really wasn’t!  So easy.  I wish I’d made them sooner because they are all sorts of delicious!  And so refreshing.

Totally in line with our stay-cation.  Easy, refreshing, perfect for summer.

Watermelon Granitas infused with tequila & lime = watermelon margranitas!

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