Essential Design Tips for French Provincial Kitchens

Essential Design Tips for French Provincial Kitchens

Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

French Provincial Kitchens are characterized by their elegant and richly detailed ethos. When you are choosing the French provincial kitchens, you will be enamored by the intricate styles, subtle colors and the neutral bases which will add a touch of glamour to your home décor.

Architecture, cabinets and flooring designs:

  • Keep the architecture romantic

Think archways, beautiful small-paned windows, ceilings with wooden beams it should be well-organized and a highly sophisticated style of kitchen that you need to include as part of your kitchen construction or remodeling.

  •   Get cabinets with carved wood

Carved wood cabinetry makes for an essential part of the whole French provincial kitchen style. You could use solid wood for the purpose, or simply hand paints the ornate details. You could also give the cabinets a rubbed, sanded finish to give your kitchen space a rustic appeal.

  •  Wooden flooring adds extra charm

Wooden details feature heavily in this kitchen style and nothing better than nicely laid wooden flooring. Traditionally, French provincial kitchens have mid-toned wooden floors, but there is no hard and fast rule. You could play around with the tone, or else include other details like corbels which are very decorative in nature, or pilasters which are fluted in texture and design. .

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Designing your kitchen with stone: set the ovens and glass spalshbacks at the right place

  • You could use stone too

The modern French provincial kitchens mostly replace wood with stone, and the look works equally well. If you can coordinate stone flooring in a light tone with matching stone benchtops, your space will look really great.

  • A large oven helps

In traditional French kitchens, they used to have these massive fireplaces for cooking, coupled with chimneys for smoke. While that may not be a practical solution anymore, you can replicate that with a large oven, complemented by a range hood. The whole idea is to create a balanced yet elegant kitchen décor.

  •  Tiles for splashback

Splashbacks are kept practical and minimalistic in French provincial kitchens. For that reason, tiles or stone works best. To lend more character to your space, you could have the tiles laid down in an asymmetrical fashion to give it a rustic look.

Light up the heart of your home: accentuate the overall look

  • Elegant faucets accentuate the look

Devil lies in the detail, and when designing a French provincial kitchen, every bit counts. Mostly, these kitchens are characterized by elegant taps, even ornate in many instances. The taps and faucets can have superb curves and opt for faucets that can be installed in a small space.

  •  Cane baskets and open shelves

 Cane baskets work well with the whole French feel, while helping you de-clutter your kitchen. Big, open shelves on the other hand are great for displaying your collectibles, especially if they are French in character, such as elegant candles and canisters.

  •  Make sure you get the lighting right

Go for elegant contours in lighting, and preferably something in rustic metal. Lighting in black rustic metal works really well in most French provincial kitchens. Traditional French country side light shades or rustic designs can really enhance your dining experience in a French provincial kitchen.

  •  Keep the furniture in tune with the style

Again, cane basket furniture complements the French provincial aesthetics. Other details such as antique rugs, and other rustic pieces can accentuate the warm feel of the décor.

That said and done, don’t be afraid to experiment. When it comes to design and architecture, there is no rule that’s not meant to be broken. Just play around with different elements of the style and see what works best for your décor. Just make sure you keep the warmth and elegance of the French provincial kitchen intact. Click here for more information you want to know about the kitchen designs.

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