Late Summer at Elbow Lake Lodge

sunset at elbow lake lodge

Late summer at Elbow Lake is awesome. The water is warm, the bugs are few, and the crowds are starting to settle down a little. I spent some time on the beach at Elbow Lake Lodge the during the last few days of August. Here are some of the pictures: If you want to stay here, check out Creekside Cabin and End of The Road Cabin. 

beach at Elbow Lake Lodge
Estella on the beach at Elbow Lake Lodge

You can see the sunsets are spectacular. There is a huge dock and an even bigger beach that you can relax on. I was reading a great biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer while the kids built sand castles and swam to the trampoline. The occasional beer and ice-cream topped off the afternoon. It was a great family vacation at a great cabin. Elbow Lake Lodge also has a dining menu available. With their patio right on the lake, it is easy to order food and let the kid keep playing in the water and beach.

playing on the beach at elbow lake

sunset at elbow lake lodge sunset at elbow lake lodge

We had been out fishing earlier and found some walleye. We went back to Creekside Cabin and filleted the fish the boys caught earlier in the day for a fish fry over a camp fire. While the fishing in late summer can be a little slower than the spring, you can catch a nice Elbow Lake walleye on one of the reefs or in the deeper water just off the sand breach at Elbow Lake Lodge. Soon, in the fall, the bite turns really hot and you can regularly catch dozens of walleye a day.

If you are looking for a great vacation on Elbow Lake, check out Creekside Cabin or End of the Road cabin. Both have easements to enjoy this awesome beach. You can contact Chris at 651-492-7092 to enquire about dates.

There is also some color starting to pop in the woods. Look what else we found on this trip:

elbow lake lodge elbow lake lodge

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