5 DIY Ideas for the Bedroom

Designing the very room where you spend most of the time reading, sleeping, watching television and the like, can be quite a challenge. You do not always know where to start. Some interior design experiments that you do tend to end up in disastrous and unappealing situations. For sure, you have spent hundreds of dollars just to make all the elements work. Don’t you worry any longer, help is coming your way. Here are five great ideas to make your sleeping space a better-looking one.



  1. Gold is in!

The color gold is making a comeback this year. They are visually appealing and always projects the wow factor in a room. They are also versatile pieces which you can pair with any background paint or furniture. The trend nowadays, is to incorporate something colored gold in a room, no matter what it is. An example would be a gold vase, to light up a dull-looking bedroom. If you do not want some over-the-top gold accessory in the bedroom, make subtle changes, such as replacing door knobs or closet handles with gold.


  1. Minerals, anyone?

Minerals such as sand, ceramic, stone, marble and other inorganic matter are frequenting some trendy homes today. These minerals are made into serving canisters, vases, bowls and even wall art. They are very unique pieces worth displaying in a room and it would actually be quite refreshing having a part of nature in the very comfort of your own bedroom.


  1. Wallpaper is love

Wallpaper used to be limited to beige colors and other plain and drab designs. But now, they seem to be getting better and prettier. Say hello to rich and vibrant-colored ones that are guaranteed to liven up a room in an instant, particularly the bedroom. If you do not want to do the whole room, you can always limit it to one part of the wall and just make it an accent wall instead. There are also wall decals available that are just as lovely, which you can stick up on the walls, if you are not that adventurous.

4. Pretty pastels

Pastels like muted pinks, greys, blues are great for bathroom walls. They have a relaxing and calming effect that’s perfect when you’re taking a long bath, soaking in the tub. Refrain from using busy colors in the bathroom as this can also get your mind preoccupied. While you’re at it, have all the plumbing in the bathroom fixed, so you don’t have to worry about clogged drains and broken faucets. Click here to contact the best Orange County drain cleaning service.


  1. Mix and match

The mixing of different patterns, textures and styles are great if you want to create great impact in a room. As long as you know how to do it right, everything will fall into place. Take small steps like mixing metallics with wood first. Next, you can try playing with fabrics like putting florals and geometric designs together. These would be great for pillows or quilts as it enhances the room by making it more feminine and classy at the same time.



These five easy ideas are just a few of the hundred things you can possibly do for your room. You do not have to be an artist to come up with something creative for the bedroom. There are a limitless supply of great furniture’s, pretty fabrics, ingenious wall art, wide array of paints and other odd knick-knacks to adorn the bedroom with. You only need to look and appreciate with your eyes and heart to know what clicks and what doesn’t.



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