DIY Neutral Fall Wreath

Neutral Fall Wreath_Pinterest GraphicI thoroughly enjoy summer. I love the sunshine, the bright blue water of Georgian Bay, the long days and warm evenings. I even enjoy the muggy temperatures. But towards the end of August I start to long for the crisp cool days of autumn.

Neutral Fall Wreath_2

This is reflected in our home. As summer slowly begins to fade and the transition into the coming season begins I gradually add subtle hints of fall into our house. I bring in fall bouquets with bunches of sunflowers, dahlias and snapdragons. I layer in cozy throws and downy pillows on our couches and beds. And I start planning hearty meals, like simmering pots of chili, baked macaroni and cheese and creamy soups.

Neutral Fall Wreath_Step 1

When decorating our home I am often inspired by nature and the changing seasons. I let the colours outside guide me. It helps that our home is decorated in a neutral colour palette, so adding pops of colour and seasonal elements is easy.

Neutral Fall Wreath_Step 3

During the transition from summer to fall, before the rich colours of the harvest are in full bloom I am drawn to muted colours and natural elements. I love the soft greenery and the endless bunches of wildflowers during this time of the year. It was these feminine colours and dainty flowers that inspired me to create this early fall wreath.

It has a rustic and natural quality to it, lending itself well to the transition of seasons. It has been the perfect starting point for my fall decor this year.


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