Be Thankful Free Printable

Be Thankful Free Printable

Be Thankful Printable and Fall Vignette_2

Be thankful. Two simple words that hold so much importance.

At some point in all of our lives we are guilty of wanting more. There will always be someone that has a bigger home, a newer car or more expensive clothes than we do. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and get lost in the need to fulfill our materialistic wants. That’s why a simple reminder to be thankful is always welcome.

As I start preparing our home for the fall season I look for simple ways to add warmth and rustic touches to each room. I began with our dining room this year. I wanted to add a few little hints of the coming season to this room, particularly to this rustic DIY industrial shelf my husband built for me earlier this year. We are currently using it as a picture ledge to display a few of our favourite photos from our wedding and the first few weeks of our daughter’s life.

Every time I look at these photographs I am reminded of what I am thankful for. I have a caring and supportive husband and we were blessed this year with a beautiful and healthy daughter. I knew this would be the perfect place for a rustic fall printable.

I designed this printable with the thought of being thankful in mind. It is something I try to remember often, especially during the fall season with the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.  I love the simplicity of this beautiful white script against the dusty chalkboard background, especially in this natural driftwood frame. It’s simple and classic.

Be Thankful Printable and Fall Vignette_4

You can download your FREE printable here.

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