Top Advantages of Evaporative Cooling

Top Advantages of Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers even known as wet air coolers are an amazing device that utilizes the process of evaporation for cooling hot air. The evaporative cooling technique is an effective method that takes up heat energy from the surrounding, leaving the environment cool and comfortable. The mechanism of these coolers can be compared with the perspiration of our body, where when you perspire the water evaporates from the skin, leaving you with a cool sensation.

Evaporative Cooling

Now, evaporative coolers work quite differently from the traditional air conditioning system that is used these days. They work by employing water’s enthalpy of evaporation whereas traditional air conditioning systems produce dry and cold air. This is the reason why air conditioning units work well in an airtight environment where fresh air from the outside is not able to enter inside, but with evaporative coolers there is proper circulation of air which enhances the indoor air quality.

How Beneficial Is Evaporative Cooling System?

By now you must have realized the importance of evaporative coolers and what the possible benefits of these systems are. In fact, let us discuss some more factors that make them a standout when compared with any other cooling mechanism?

Here are the top 5 advantages of evaporative cooling:

  • Energy efficient: One of the most obvious benefit of evaporative coolers that make them simply the best is that they are energy efficient. As a matter of fact these coolers help you save 75% from your utility bills which you would have paid while using the traditional air conditioner. This means you can save a lot even during extreme hot weather conditions. 
  • Easy to maintain: These coolers use a simple technology and thus have only a few working parts. Few working parts means less maintenance and less maintenance leads to better durability. So, with the use of evaporative coolers you will not only save on your energy bills but at the same time you will get low repair and maintenance costs too.
  • Add Moisture to House: This is yet another advantage that traditional air conditioning unit fail to achieve. When you have evaporative coolers at your house then a well balanced moisture level is maintained indoors. This moisture prevents the wooden furniture, fabrics and other essential things from drying out.
  • No Duct Work Required: These coolers are quite easy to install and are generally fixed on your window. Hence, unlike the standard AC which needs duct work or any other additional installation, with evaporative coolers you need not to worry about these hassles. They can be installed very easily by a professional.
  • Environmental Friendly: Apart from being energy efficient, the evaporative coolers typically produce no greenhouse gasses which gives them an extra edge for being environmental friendly too. This is because evaporative cooling do not use CFC’s or HCFC’s for cooling, and thus does not give out any sort of greenhouse pollutant.

Evaporative Cooling is An Ancient Technology That Provides Amazing Cooling

There are many people who have a common misconception that being an ancient technology, evaporative coolers will never be able to deliver high quality cooling. However, this is not true because there are many residential and commercial properties out there that still rely on the efficiency of these coolers.  So far, they are one of the most effective and best solutions that one can have for getting the ultimate cooling.

The advantages and usability of these coolers have made them timeless. Therefore, they still survive to be an essential appliance that many people love to have in their indoors for perfect cooling during hot summers.   Hope you catch all the advantages of evaporative cooling. If you want to some more brief details then go through this link and get the best cooling system.

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