DIY – Frame Your Precious Pictures With Box Photo Frames

DIY – Frame Your Precious Pictures With Box Photo Frames


“Memories are best moments that tell our story”. The best way that we can relive and cherish them is through photographs. Each such photographs a treasure and has an incident to narrate about grandma’s selfless love, mommy’s unconditional affection, daddy’s careful guidance, carefree teenage life and baby’s innocent smile. Sweet memories always bring positive vibes to our lives. They remind us the path we walked through, warmth of the family, friendly banters, how we crossed the tough times and so on. So why not adorn our living rooms with such beautiful memories in a box photo frame – to stay there for eternity.

What is a box photo frame?

A box photo frame is a decorative piece that could be used to hold and protect an artwork like painting, photograph or craft work and can be wall mounted.

There are numerous types of box photo frames available in market these days. They come in various shapes but the traditional and the more common ones are rectangle or square-shaped. And there are heart-shaped box photo frames intended to store photos of couple or wedding photos. Box photo frames can be wall mounted or they can be kept inside a showcase.

Box photo frame for holding a picture

  • The frame of the box photo frame is usually made of wood, but nowadays there are metal and plastic frames too.
  • The upper part of the box photo frame is made up of glass panel, which protects the photograph and at the same time allows us to view it.It is raised, 1 to 2 inches from the surface.
  • This classic model of box photo frame called shadowbox photo frames has an advantage too.
  • The painting or photograph will never come in contact with the glass pane and hence the artwork will not be spoilt due to condensation of moisture entrapped within the glass pane.

Since the inside frame or the molding gives depth, a box photo frames can be used to hold many other objects apart from photographs and pictures. It has a depth to it, which can be effectively used to display three-dimensional objects too.

Ways to use a box photo frame other than showcasing photos

  • To display quilling arts, the depth adds more beauty to the craft without disturbing it.
  • To display baby hand or leg imprints. A step further to hold baby shoes.

Lots of other baby products inside the box serve us splendid memoirs.

  • To display seashell arts.
  • To display decoupage arts. 

Variants of box photo frames

There are many types of box photo frames.

  • Hinged box photo frames -These days we get box photo frames with hinges. Typically such frames have secret space to hang keys or jewelry or a mirror at the back, with the photo frame in the front. To access the secret area, we just need to pull the photo frame supported on the hinges. Isn’t that a cool variant?
  • Collage box photo frames – As the name suggests here a group of photo frames are pre fixed in its place. It is typically used for displaying family photos or photos or craftwork with a central theme. Photographs from a single vacation or family tree photographs would be best candidates for such frames.

Shopping for box photo frames has become lot easier with many companies selling them online. We can specify the size, material of the frame, any additional personalizing required while being at the comfort of our house. Besides, box photo frames because of its cuteness, makes it one of the prettiest gifting ideas. So what are you waiting for? Go shopping! Grab the most adorable box photo frames for you, your friends and family.

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