UDI U818A HD+ Quadcopter Review #ad #quadcopter


Like any good blogger, sometimes I use my social reach and blog traffic to get my hands on products that I want. When I saw an opportunity to check out this quadcopter, I was all over it! This review of the UDI U818A HD+ Quadcopter is sponsored by Kaliber Global through Tomoson. They sent this quadcopter to me for free and in return, I am sharing my experience with it. You can find this quadcopter on Amazon.com.

With a product like this, I think it is best to show you some raw footage of us playing with it. We put some of that together and posted it on YouTube. In the video above you can see my kids operating it a little bit, and then I show you some of the footage from the camera on the drone so you can see the camera.

Here’s what I think: I am a pilot, so naturally I expected myself to be very good at flying this. What I quickly learned was that flying a quadcopter has nothing to do with flying real airplanes. Oh well.  But with a little bit of practice (10 minutes) I was up and maneuvering the quadcopter well enough to be comfortable outside around obstacles. Embarrassingly, my kids picked up how to fly this better and more quickly than I did (I guess I’ll just have to stick to the real thing for now). To them, it was like Christmas in July. It has provided hours of fun for them.


This picture is of the bottom of the quadcopter. You can see in the middle where the battery and camera are located. They are both easily accessible and easy to use.


This is the top of the quadcopter just as it is starting to take off. quadcopter

It was fairly easy to put this all together. The drone is easily charged through a usb port battery charger and it uses a standard chip in the camera to record the video (ps. the chip is a micro SD card; the same thing a Go Pro camera uses).

My bottom line?  I loved it. The kids loved it. I wish I had 2.


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