Easy Shrimp Alfredo

Easy Shrimp Alfredo


It’s the happiest of Monday’s over here at SMTY. 😁 Why you ask? Because last Friday, Trevor and I celebrated our 🎉 ONE-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY! 🎉 Yep! We made it. 😉

To celebrate, Trevor, being the sweet man he is, wanted to give me a break from the kitchen and make me dinner. Not just any dinner, however…for this dinner, he made his infamous Easy Shrimp Alfredo or as we call it at home “Magic Pasta”.

You guys.

This easy shrimp alfredo is, ahem, easy, impressive, and just overall my favorite thing ever. It’s full of perfectly al-dente penne, tender shrimp, and is smothered in a dreamy-creamy as spicy as you want it alfredo sauce. 😍


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