Give Your Bathroom A New Lease Of Life With These Amazing Tips

Give Your Bathroom A New Lease Of Life With These Amazing Tips

Bathrooms are the most used rooms in any home. But, they are also the least renovated ones. Sure, we do our best to keep them clean and maintained. The thing is; after a while, bathrooms will need renovating and upgrading. Mold and dirt can affect hard to reach places and have a tendency to spread.

And, let’s not forget how corrosion can affect things like plumbing. After all; bathrooms are damp places, especially if yours is seldom ventilated! So, the question on your mind is how best to give yours a new lease of life. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

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Create a feature wall

Do you have a lot of space in your bathroom? If so, you ought to create a “feature wall” in it! For example, you could make one wall covered by a mirror with LED backlights surrounding it. Or it could offer built-in storage. Some folks even create recessed shelves! The latter is useful for putting scented candles when you want a relaxing bath.

Don’t be afraid to move things around

Just because your bathroom items are in a certain place doesn’t mean you have to stick with the design! Sometimes it’s better to shuffle things around to make better use of space. That is especially true in smaller bathrooms, where space is at a premium.

I recommend using some bathroom design software for a computer. That way, you can scale the exact measurements of your bathroom.

You can then visualize how your new bathtub, toilet and so forth will work in their new locations. Did you know that you can also use design software on the Apple iPad too? Now you don’t need a Computer Science degree to design your new dream bathroom!

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Add a touch of luxury

You may have aspirations of winning the lottery jackpot someday. But, until that day arrives, you’ll have to make do with your modest home. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of luxury to it, especially in your bathroom!

For instance, instead of vinyl flooring why not opt for marble such as crema marfil? Even chrome-effect faucets can make your bathroom look and feel like a million dollars!

Use glass cubes to create a barrier around your bathtub

I don’t know about you, but I hate shower curtains! They just seem “cheap” to me and are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. You could, of course, fit an acrylic shower screen, but you get similar problems there too.

There’s one other solution that you may wish to consider: glass cube walls! That’s right; you can build a partition out of frosted glass cubes! They are stylish and give you an element of privacy in your bathroom. A bonus is they let through plenty of natural light.

Install a sun pipe

Last, but not least, what if you’ve got a small bathroom? The heat from all those halogen spotlights isn’t always a good idea, especially during summer!

But, how can you get more light into your bathroom without cooking yourself? One option is to get a sun pipe installed. In a nutshell, they use a series of mirrors to reflect natural light into your bathroom from the roof. They are brilliant for brightening up any bathroom; not just small ones.

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