Salmon Cheese Ball

Salmon Cheese Ball


Couple weekends ago, our friends invited us over to watch the first game of the season. They’ve created a Facebook event and all. And Garrat and I cleared out our schedule for Sunday and were excited to hang out with our friends. I planned to make a few things the day before to photoshoot for the blog and bring them to the party.

Well, on Saturday morning, my friend texted me and asked what time we were coming. By that time, my husband was gone to the ranch to work and I had a full day of baking and cooking ahead of me. Confused, I went back to the Facebook event to take a look and realized that the party was actually on Saturday, not Sunday! Yeah, it was a bummer, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of game day hangouts ahead!

One of the things, I was planning to bring to the party, was this salmon cheese ball. Simple, tasty and plentiful! It easily feeds a crowd.

Salmon Cheese Ball-2

Ton of flavors and texture in this easy-to-make salmon cheese ball. Learn how I easily shape this into a ball and roll it in the almonds. (I know, it can be tricky!)

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