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butterfly garden

One of the largest categories on our site Dan330.com is gardening. Most of the articles we write are from our own gardens. But every once in a while we find a garden so fantastic that we need to go visit and share what we found. This post takes a look at my neighbors butterfly garden. I am going to share a little bit of the background on this garden and then show you the beautiful flowers and butterflies that have grown there.

butterfly garden plans
Monarch Butterfly in a butterfly garden

I live on a high voltage power line and every few years Xcel Energy comes and cuts down all the trees and brush growing on their easement. My neighbor had a mess after they were done and wanted to make it a little prettier so he made a butterfly garden plan. He started by surveying his back yard. Then he used a machine to dig up the top few inches of soil which got rid of most of the plants and brush that was there. Then, he put some compost and dirt back to make sure the soil was healthy enough for the seeds to grow.

butterfly garden

His butterfly garden plan took one pound of seeds, which was a mixture of annuals and perennials. He planted in the spring and when the weather got hot, the garden exploded. At the end of the summer, he said he will cut down all of the plants and remove the debris after the first frost. This will help many of the annuals to re seed themselves.

One of the interesting things that happened in the garden was that milkweed grew up. This was an unexpected surprise but very welcome as this is a very important plant to the lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly.

At the end of the day, planning a butterfly garden is a win-win for everyone. He has a beautiful garden in his back yard, Xcel Energy won’t have to cut the trees and brush again, and all the neighbors and walkers on the path get a beautiful garden to walk by. Plus, with the variety of plants and the milkweed, the garden is helping our pollinators and butterflies.

I took hundreds of pictures of the garden. Some of my favorite are below:

monarch butterfly garden IMG_8651-2web IMG_8653-4web butterfly garden monarch garden monarch butterfly garden white flower IMG_8672-7web IMG_8673-8web IMG_8674-8web IMG_8675-9web IMG_8676-10web IMG_8681-9web IMG_8686-11web IMG_8687-11web IMG_8690-12web IMG_8692-13web IMG_8698-12web IMG_8700-13web IMG_8701-14web IMG_8702-14web IMG_8705-15web IMG_8707-15web IMG_8716-16web IMG_8718-17web IMG_8720-18web IMG_8721-16web

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