Where To Buy a Blueberry Bush

where to buy blueberry bushes
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You are reading an article about where to buy a blueberry bush as part of a year-long series on growing a blueberry garden sponsored by a plant donation from Monrovia®. If you are looking for blueberries, you can see the variety they have at their site here, or look for the Monrovia brand at your local garden center. Today, I am going to give you a couple of quick tips for selecting plants and then share my trip to pick my plants up from Highland Nursery in St. Paul. 

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Where To Buy a Blueberry Bush

  1. When you buy a blueberry bush, or any plant for that matter, you should buy from someone who prides themselves in delivering healthy plants. Monrovia® is a great company, plus they are all over the country so it is easy to find a garden center that carries their blueberry bushes.
  2. Another tip is to buy from a local garden center. They are usually very high quality and can help you identify varieties of blueberries that will work for your climate. Each climate is a little different so it is always good to talk to your local garden center about what you are trying to do. Many garden centers have passionate gardeners and speaking to them can be invaluable. If you aren’t aware of any centers by you, please use this easy garden center finder on the here.
  3. Make sure to inspect each plant to identify any pests, disease or other problem it might have. If you see a sick plant, just pass on it. It isn’t worth introducing a disease to your garden.
  4. This might sound minor, but make sure your plant has a tag on it. I can’t tell you how often I forget what a variety of something is in my garden. It is very helpful to know what your plants are; especially when you are trouble-shooting with them.

Picking Up My Plants from Highland Nursery in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Because my plants are sponsored, I am picking them up at a nursery I have never been to. I had to coordinate a delivery from Monrovia and it forced me to venture out of my normal routine. The plan is to pick up my plants just after the semi-truck drops them off. They will be loading into the back of my Suburban for a short ride home where I have been working on preparing a nice little patch of garden for them (I’ll cover this next in the series).

When I arrived at Highland, the staff was very kind. I would highly recommend Highland Nursery for your garden plants. The staff loved gardening and it showed.

highland nursery

I didn’t even need to ask about my blueberry plants! They had them ready for me to go on this trailer when I arrived.  Don’t they look great!!!!!

where to buy blueberry bushes
Blueberry bushes from Monrovia

They graciously helped me stack my new plants in the car:

where to buy blueberry plantswhere to buy blueberry bushes and off I went back to their new home.

For more information about blueberry bushes, you can visit our blueberry bush page here or our main blueberry page.

I couldn’t just leave this post at that. Highland Nursery was a very fun garden center that deserves a shout out. They went above and beyond what I expected. We had a fun time talking to the owner and spent nearly an hour wandering around their grounds.

When you first walk in, you enter under this trellis: (You can click on the image to make it into a VR tour) before entering their store and entry to the large garden.

Everything looked so good! I put several pictures below so you could enjoy it too.

IMG_6177-19 IMG_6176-18 IMG_6073-6 IMG_6072-5 IMG_6069-3 IMG_6065-2

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you know where to buy a blueberry bush. Read on to learn how to prep your soil for your new blueberry garden. Hopefully by next summer I can show you some of my favorite blueberry recipes!

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