Awesome ways to save pennies when you travel and stay abroad

Awesome ways to save pennies when you travel and stay abroad

Taking a vacation or staying abroad for a long period of time doesn’t have to break the bank. Many people have a misconception when it comes to traveling abroad, and the worry and stress of finances always plays a major role. However, here are some tips that you can use next time you venture abroad that can help save you plenty of cash.

Free accommodation

It may seem like a farfetched idea but you would be surprised at the amount of opportunities that are available to all travellers, not just backpackers, who are looking for a place to stay for free. There is a small catch to this, but if you are prepared to put in some work in exchange for free accommodation then this is a great opportunity for you..

Organizations such as WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), allows travellers to be a part of wider community where jobs involve helping on the farm in exchange for some top accommodation. The work doesn’t mean you are going to be on the farm for 12 hours every day either, you will still have all the time you need for exploring and can earn money to spend as well.

 Use tourism cards

 Loyalty programs used to be all the rage ten years ago and even though you don’t hear about them much these days they are still in operation, just more limited. Most people are bound to have air miles on a tourism card somewhere and these can help you fly for free if you have enough of them available.

Even if you don’t some credit card companies offer great sign-up rewards such as 50,000 points which will get your return tickets around Europe meaning you don’t have to pay a penny to fly.

If you have got some miles sitting around then use them wisely.

House Sitting

Just like the farming opportunities mentioned prior, there are also house sitting opportunities which are becoming much more popular across the world.

House sitting can means a number of different things and you must be prepared and willing to clean the house, or mow the lawn.  Most housesitting assignments are from home owners looking for a sitter to mind their pet.

This method alone can make your vacation enjoyable and you won’t have to spend much during your time as you will be living rent free.

The first step to start your house sitting gig is to open an account on one or all of the house sitting websites. Sites like provide a fantastic platform to facilitate introductions between home owners looking for house and pet sitters. Once you register, make sure your profile has your latest picture and details – home owners like to put a face to a name and learn a little about your personality to see if it suits them. Ensure that your passport is up to date if you are interested in international offers. A website like Your Home My Home charges sitters an annual fee of $79 AUD (or $.8.95 per month) to apply for sits – a bargain when you think that is less than just one night in a three star hotel! Even better, home owners can list their home and requirements for free!

It is suggested you apply for several housesits at once to increase your chance of an interview or offer. Usually, a week’s time is sufficient to hear from a home owner to determine next steps.

Take a road trip

Finally the last way to save pennies on your vacation is by taking a road trip. Again, you won’t have to fork out all those hotel expenses, or flight expenses which can soon stack up before you know it. Instead you can hit the road in your RV and all you need to worry about is gas and food.

This option also allows you to see more of the country or place that you intend to visit, and as the saying goes; the world is at your very fingertips.


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