Fall Burrito Bowls with Maple Pork

Fall Burrito Bowls with Maple Pork, Sweet Potatoes and Pepitas

Fall-Burrito-Bowls-with-Maple-Pork-sweet-potatoes-and-pepitas (1)FG

Burrito Bowls! You probably can’t tell from the photos, but there is rice hiding under all of the goodies.  I decided to do a fun twist on the burrito bowl, using the left-over Maple Pulled Pork, some sweet potatoes and pepitas to give it a bit of a fall twist.

In all honesty, the maple flavors from the pork don’t shine through here as much as they did in the enchiladas and tacos, but this is one serious bowl of deliciousness…there was very little dinner conversation, because Ben and I were too busy eating.  That is the sign of a good meal at our house

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