Simply Carry Your Building’s Load With Structural Steel Beams

Structural steel beams can hold your building effectively and these beams have many features like excellent deflection, durability, sustainability, water resistant capacity and affordability. Apart from that you can use these structural beams as per your building design easily because these beams are available in various sizes and designs and you can select the size according to your requirement. Additionally you can save a lot on the labor cost and you can cut these beams with the help of normal cutting machine at your construction site. 

Types of beam sub-structure:

  • A vertical element; connected with walls e.g. column, walls and lift foundation etc.
  • Horizontal elements attached with floors and roofs e.g. Slabs, truss, Space frames, etc.,

A beam’s durability is judged by:

  • External forces: comprising the loads put on the beam and secondly the reactions to the loads from the supports. The beam automatically transfers the external load to the external reaction by a mechanism of internal forces.
  • Internal forces: divided into bending moments and the steep forces. Both these forces together are called pair of forces. The performance of any beam is analyzed by the level and allocation of these forces. A good beam has to function successfully with bending moment and the shear force acting together.  These are related to the physical properties of cross section, quality and strength of material used.

Beams are strong to be able to support both the forces. A main aim of this engineering design is to guarantee that the beam is strong enough to carry the load forced on it safely.

What are the advantages of steel beams?

  • Strength: Steel can easily handle extremely high strength to weight ratio. This denotes that these types of beams are strong enough to resist higher stresses and weight without breaking as compared to wood or stone beams.
  • Resistance to Corrosion: Steels composition makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel composition is a mix of steel and chromium. Unlike wood, steel does not rot thus lasts longer than any other material.
  • Cost: Steel is cost effective as compared to other metals like aluminum, titanium or any other alternate material. Steel along with its mechanical and chemical characteristics, makes it the most preferred construction material especially beams.

  • Design Options:  Steel beams offer a variety of architectural style options. These beams are flexible in composition thus making it easy for cutting bent or curved.
  • Durability: Are fire and termite resistant. Require no chemical treatment.
  • Longer span: Can be placed between longer distances. Despite the distance they can easily handle any specific length to weight ratio.

How do you choose the structural beam suppliers?

There are many structural beams suppliers available in the market and you can consult with them on their online portals also. But before placing your order you need to know the following things carefully:

  • If the company is the manufacturer of their products then it would be best for you because they can answer your every query. But there are only few manufactures available who sell their products directly and in this regards you can consult with their dealers or suppliers also. If you have any additional queries then you can contact with the direct manufacturer company customer care also.
  • The suppliers should have a valid license and you must check their customer feedback thoroughly.
  • Their products should be affordable and you must compare the price with different portals before finalizing the deal.

However the reputation of the supplier and manufacturer is the first priority in this field because the quality of structural steel beams is related to your house and building and it should ensure the best quality and longevity. So before place your order you should consider the above things and place your order accordingly. Also you can easily get best quality’s structural steel beams here. With these, it’s very strong enough to carry the weight of your building easily.

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