Beef Roast Crock Pot Recipe for Taco’s

roast beef crock pot recipe

This beef roast crock pot recipe makes taco’s that are out of this world! Usually bloggers will research, plan, and then make a recipe for the very specific purpose of writing a blog post. We try to do videos, write a great post, give you a recipe, and then photograph, touch up, and share on all sorts of different media. Usually, we go so far as to optimize the post, pictures, and video for those channels specifically! Other times, like today, we just make a dinner and say OMG was that good, take a couple of pictures, and write a post.

Beef Roast Crock Pot Recipe
We made this awesome taco our of this crock pot beef roast.

Today was a crock pot day. (If you are looking for something else with a crock pot go here.) The weather is getting colder and we just needed some comfort food. Crock pots are perfect for this kind of a day. We got home and the house smelled lovely. We used some  spices to season the beef roast before we left for hockey hours earlier. The fragrance of the spices and the soon-to-be-pulled beef roast was heavenly.

Honestly, we had to cook this roast and we didn’t really have much more of a plan. After rustling through the refrigerator we pulled out an onion, cilantro, lime, cheese, sour cream, and a tortilla.

We took the meat from our beef roast crock pot recipe and pulled it. Then we placed it in the middle of a tortilla.


Then, we squeezed lime over the top and added diced onion.


Finally, we topped it with cilantro and sour cream.

beef roast crock pot recipe

When all of the ingredients are in your taco, fold it in half and place some cheese in the middle.


To finish your beef roast crock pot recipe for tacos, you can simply place it in a pan and and brown the tortilla. This will melt the cheese and hold the whole taco together.


I love this kind of recipe, because it lets our kids jump in and make their own meals. We just put bowls of the ingredients out and they get to be part of the process.

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