Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough

edible cookie dough

Eggless Cookie Dough Recipe comin’ at ya! You guys. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Cookie dough that I can safely eat, without worrying about getting sick. Although, if I’m being really honest, I’ll probably still eat the unsafe cookie dough. 😉

A few days ago, I had a serious craving for some cookie dough. I was about to whip up a batch of monster cookies, but then I decided to create a new recipe for you guys. I started doing a little research on “edible cookie dough” and found out that not only are they (who are they anyway 😉 ) saying that it’s unsafe to eat raw eggs, but it’s unsafe to eat raw flour!!!!!!

Somebody out there is trying to ruin my life.

Why can’t a girl just eat some raw cookie dough without worrying about getting sick?!

Well ladies (and gentlemen), I have found the solution.

Not only is this Eggless Cookie Dough Recipe, um, eggless, it’s also flourless!

Nobody’s gonna stop this girl from gettin’ some cookie dough.

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