20 Fabulous Treats for Halloween

20 Fabulous Treats for Halloween

treats for Halloween

My son isn’t a fan of Halloween.  Halloween in England is very different than American Halloweens.  It’s scary and costumes (even for children) are meant to be just that.  So, my little boy always opted out.  We’d go to the store and I’d take him to the costume section and see if he could bare to look at the terrifying masks on the shelves.  If not, we’d know there was no way he could trick or treat with those masks being attached to walking talking bodies.  So, because he’s not a big fan of the day, I never get too into it.  Sure, I’ll make him some pumpkin filled sticky buns or chocolates, but that’s as far as I usually go. Just because we don’t do it just yet in our house, doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for some treats to make in your’s.  So, I’ve put together a list for you from all different bloggers so that you’ll have some great recipes all in one place.

20 Fabulous Treats for Halloween – These amazing Halloween treats are delicious enough to satisfy all the mischievous ghosts and ghouls who come knocking at your door.  With these recipes there is something for everyone. Check them out here!

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