Easy Asian Noodles

Easy Asian Noodles


The week of comfort food continues! This time in the form of Easy Asian Noodles.

You can thank my (very, very rare) self control for this recipe. Last weekend, Trevor and I went downtown to check out the tailgating scene in Madison. We had a blast. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was buzzing (literally 😉 ), and we had so much fun walking around checking out the different bar/restaurant scenes.

We got home later in the afternoon, made a batch of puppy chow – I had a serious craving – and sat down to relax and watch our latest obsession, Project Runway.

Soon enough we were hungry for dinner and I had z.e.r.o. motivation to make dinner. Trevor offered to order some Chinese food, but I resisted ( 😱 say whaaaat?!) and said that I’d just whip something up.

I needed something fast, something easy, something Asian inspired, and something noodle-y.

Oh, and something with minimal ingredients, because I yet again avoided going to the grocery store.

Welcome to the world, Easy Asian Noodles.

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