DIY Room Decor for Fall – Knit a Pile of Leaves


DIY Room Decor for a Stash Busting Knitter

Crack open your stashes ladies and let’s knit a few colorful fall leaves.  Yes, you know there is a lot of extra yarn hidden away in the closet, and some under your bed.  I have friends who even hide their stash from their husband for fear of confrontation about their ‘soft’ addiction.

Well, I’ve found a great way to reduce your stash, to come clean and decorate your home at the same time. It’s all good.  What got me going on knitting for the home was a cute  little pumpkin pattern that decorated our Thanksgiving table one year.  You can see the post by clicking this link, The Pumpkin Project.


It was so refreshing to take the time to knit these quick little projects, and to this day, the grandkids love to play with them.  The toddlers can’t get hurt tossing them around, and the only danger is getting a mouthful of fibers if they try to eat them.

Last year I found myself making leaves and wondering what to do with them, so I knit up an i-cord and draped them on the front door as an alternative to a wreath.







Isn’t it fun? Use safety pins to attach to the i-cord so you can use them in a different way the next year. It’s nice you don’t have to worry about gauge, or if you’ll run out of yarn before the project is finished because you are using up your stash. You can use almost any size double point needle and knit away in the small, medium or large size and be surprised at what turns out.


There is also a pattern for pine cones. The pattern can be found for free on and is called Woodland Wreath,Oak.  If you’re not a member it’s free to sign up, and will be an inspiration for all things knitting.

Happy knitting!

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