Harvest Spice Apple Ice Cream

Harvest Spice Apple Ice Cream

 Apple Ice Cream

My husband loves ice cream. Actually, I think loves is an understatement. It’s probably his favourite thing to eat. So you can imagine his sheer happiness when he finally purchased an ice cream maker, now he can make ice cream until his heart’s content (and our freezer is full!).

He has been testing out all different kinds of flavours and combinations. My personal favourite was his raspberry and mint gelato. Yum!

But now that the colder weather has hit and fall is upon us he has been incorporating seasonal ingredients into his ice cream recipes. We live near a little town known for it’s apple orchards. So every October we make sure we plan a visit to one of the many orchards and stock up on freshly picked apples, apple cider and pumpkins (I think that pretty much sums up fall, don’t you think?).

Harvest Spice Apple Ice Cream

There is something so wonderful about the mix of apples and cinnamon, it’s aroma is comforting and heartening. Not to mention, it’s the perfect combination for fall. So Harvest Spice Apple Ice Cream was born.

It’s so creamy, sweet and delicious you’ll be making batch after batch. I think it would make the perfect companion to a slice of warm apple pie this Thanksgiving.



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