Potato, Cheddar and Roasted Poblano Soup

Potato, Cheddar and Roasted Poblano Soup


My favorite thing of all time to cook up in the kitchen is soup.  I think soup was the first time I ever really strayed from the recipe.

It started with my Mom’s minestrone recipe.  I made it so many times that I stopped using the recipe.  I would swap the veggies or the macaroni, use different types of beans.  I started adding a splash of white wine.  It was fun!

I love that about the kitchen…I can get creative.  Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.  Occasionally we have to order pizza.

But not this time…I got this recipe right on my first try!  That almost never happens.

This is a healthy soup packed with veggies: carrots, celery, onions, garlic for the base and white potatoes which make it so thick and creamy.

I found some poblano peppers at the grocery store, and thought they would be a much better option than the jalapeños I was going to use.  They aren’t spicy, especially with the membrane and seeds removed, but after roasting they add a nice, mellow, slightly sweet flavor to the soup.

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