Island Trollers Spicy Tuna Roll

Island Trollers Spicy Tuna Roll

It’s amazing and super fun to make your own sushi at home. And, it saves money, if you’re looking at a budget. You can also customize the sushi to your own liking. Add more avocado if that makes you happy (and, oh yes, that makes me very happy!). Add Carrot Slaw to a Spicy Tuna Roll. Make the tuna spicier or less spicy. It’s all good. And, this Island Trollers Spicy Tuna Roll is so good; you’ll be so happy you made these, and so will your tummy!

Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Rolls: Learn how to make your own sushi. It’s budget friendly, super yummy, and really fun! Using a really high quality canned tuna like Island Trollers means they are easy to make on short notice and great if you have guests who might shy away from raw fish.  Get the recipe here

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